Automotive Field Quality

Successful leaders responsible Automotive Field Quality operations have defined and effective strategies for managing disruptive unplanned events.

As the Operations Manager of a Fortune 100 Manufacturer’s Tier 1 Assembly Plant, blu perspective CEO, Corbin Collet, saw a significant gap in the marketplace between the resources available, internally and externally, and the professional solutions needed to develop his strategy to maintain my Corporate Metrics without writing open ended checks to third party providers.

With years of experience, now blu has perfected and replicated that system of Field Quality Representation and closed loop Communication systems. This service is particularly strong for Manufacturers in Southeast Michigan and the Greater Detroit area through blu perspective’s skilled service teams and proprietary certified systems.

Most Managers make a critical mistake by looking only at components of the problem and specific price lines and thusly use fractured service providers or a mix of internal and external resources to try to solve the problem of unplanned. You must have an effective and prepared solution ahead of time. blu can make this painless for you and a net cost savings for your organization.

blu perspective would be pleased to assist you in creating an ideal solution ahead of the overwhelming hassles which are certain to come your way at some point soon. Message us directly and we’ll talk about your particular situation and resources.

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