Automotive Quality Support in Michigan and Beyond

Successful leaders of the day to day operations in Manufacturing must have a defined and effective strategy for managing disruptive events. As the Operations Manager of a Fortune 100 Manufacturer’s Tier 1 Assembly Plant, blu perspective CEO, Corbin Collet saw a significant gap in the marketplace between the resources he had available, internally and externally, and the professional solutions needed to develop a solid strategy without over taxing staff or failing to maintain my Corporate Metrics.

With drive for innovation and continuous improvement blu created a closed-loop communication chain from vendor base to final assembly that utilized trustworthy protocol operated by a team of industry trained professionals that can be called on only when needed. This system has now been perfected and multiplied and made available to Michigan Manufacturers through blu perspective’s skilled Service teams and proprietary certified Field Quality systems.

Many Managers make a critical mistake by looking only at components of the problem and specific price lines and thusly use fractured service providers or a mix of internal and external resources to try to solve the problem of unplanned events and they try to manage the events themselves. Thusly, they are only looking at hourly rates and piece cost structures based on their experience of managing problems themselves and using multiple, stop gap, solutions. But, what blu understands today is that they need to look at their process for unplanned events as they look at generators for their power back up plan. If they are only looking at the piece price or rates; they are missing the opportunity to be truly prepared for these events that while unplanned, are a reality for all manufacturers. You must have an effective and prepared solution ahead of time.

Message blu Service Teams directly and we’ll discuss your particular situation and resources and how blu might serve you not just better, but differently.


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