blu Field Quality Engineers to the Rescue!

Many Quality Managers and Quality Engineers spend a good portion of their time traveling to Customer locations in glorified Customer Service endeavors, which neither makes highest effective use of their time, nor does it do anything for their stress level or personal lives.

Having come from the Tier 1 supplier world ourselves, blu perspective understands this well and we understand the challenge of, “they’re almost three hours away and I don’t want to attend that lunch meeting anyway.” But running all over the place is not the most efficient use of your time and we both know that too.

blu has an extensive network of Field Quality Expert’s, stretching from Michigan and Ontario, south to the Carolinas and Alabama.  Eight additional FQE’s came on-line for blu just this month!  Did you know blu offered quality support services in Ontario?  Michigan? Ohio?  Kentucky?  Alabama?  Texas?

blu Quality Professionals on the job when and where you need them.

blu Quality Professionals on the job when and where you need them.

Most of the blu FQE’s are former employees of the OEM Manufacturing facilities they work with.  They know the people, the culture, and ‘the way things work around here’ better than you could anyway.  Most blu FQE’s are Quality Engineer level skilled, but there is some diversity here as specific skill sets are needed in many environments and blu can find and place for you just the right match of Customer Specific Knowledge, Product Knowledge, and Customer Service skills to make your life much easier, even with your most difficult customers.

Finding these folks, managing them, and accounting for them is a real challenge for you, but blu has mastered this process with years of experience and systems in place to ensure things work well for you and that it’s very easy to handle.  blu successfully manages more than 100 employees operating in remote locations every day, this is an unparalleled skill set that you don’t need to bother learning.  We’ll handle it for you, wherever you need us to be.

If you’re a Quality Manager and you’re wearing out another car driving to your customer locations every week, call on blu perspective right away and have them place a Field Quality Engineer on that site to manage your customer for you.


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  1. I would like to apply for Blu Perspective for Inspection & Containment and Trainer. How can I get an Application? can you E-Mail me one at
    Thank You
    I can work 1st or 2nd shift I would like to work in Grand Rapids if possible.

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