Managed, Flexible, Quality Support for Tier 1 Supply Chain

Having come from the Tier 1 Supplier world ourselves, blu perspective has a firm understanding of the challenges of managing a diverse supplier and a customer base within the Automotive Supply Chain as well.  And when something goes wrong from a ‘Quality’ perspective in that Supply Chain, as a Quality Manager, you don’t have a moment to spare.

blu perspective Quality Support for Automotive Glass

blu perspective has the specialized knowledge needed to effectively support Automotive Glass Manufacturing

blu has an extensive network of Field Quality Engineers, stretching from Michigan and Ontario, south to the Carolinas and Alabama.  Eight additional FQE’s came on-line for blu just this month!  Did you know blu offered quality support services in Ontario?  Michigan? Ohio?  Kentucky?  Alabama?  Texas?

In the embedded video below, you’ll also hear about blu’s capacity to add Inventory and Supply Chain Support resources on a contract basis, serving your interests alone, but on location, and without you having to add headcount or management headaches, and wherever you may be shipping to.  blu perspective’s extensive experience finding and managing a flexible, diverse, and geographically spread out workforce can make a tough spot much easier for a Quality Professional like you.  Sound good?  What the video to hear blu perspective Client Case Study #121 – Tier 1 Automotive Glass Manufacturer from West Michigan:

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