blu quality services

3rd party inspection, containment, rework and other quality support services –

blu has managed teams with 24/7 availability with 2 hour response time.  We provide technical quality services to our customers with a high level of detail oriented data reporting. Our hands on working site supervisors exceed customers expectations and help our customers get a hold of containment.

We provide:

  • sorting & containment
  • CS1 & CS2
  • incoming inspection & final inspection
  • short term & long term containment
  • launch support
  • GP12
  • rework

blu is internally trained and staffed to help both our team members and our customers reach their objectives. The regions we service are Michigan and Northern Ohio although we have satellite offices in remote locations to help our customers at in those particular service areas.

Quality Policy

To produce inspection, sorting, and containment services that meet our customer’s defined and unspoken requirements.

To Our Customer

Services consistently to their specifications, delivered on time, at the lowest practical cost, considering traveling and quality requirements.

To Our Team Members

A safe and challenging work environment, employing management systems that allow team members to be empowered, and to continue to gain knowledge in their job.

To Our Suppliers

We view our suppliers as partners in our business and we rely on their expertise to achieve our objectives. As a partner, it is essential that the supplier consistently deliver operations, team members and services to the specifications, on a timely basis in a professional manner.

To The Company

A team member focused environment that allows continued managed growth through implementation of new technology, development of a customer base that incremental long-term growth and profitability.

To find out more about deploying blu quality experts, please call us at 888.616.1548

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  1. Love my job! Love everyone in Blu Team!!! Professional ,caring, informative!!!
    Hope to stay with the team for long road…..

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