Stop Disrupting Your Plant with Poor Quality Sorting!

When the Quality Alarm goes off at a Tier 1 Automotive Plant, it’s no joke.  Fast, Accurate, and Professional response are needed.  blu perspective is a company born of that culture (founded by a former Fortune 100 Company Plant Operations Manager). They know exactly what needs to happen to contain and correct the issue, with as little disruption as possible to the Manufacturing floor.

But, on the other side of that fast response,  whether unplanned or potentially hammering your Budget, is the potential for a ‘black hole’ of Sorting Costs.  blu perspective proactively works with clients on both ends of a quality event to contain both the problem and your cost exposure.  One JCI Quality Manager recently said that, “blu perspective is the only Sorting Company who has ever come to me and proactively worked with us to get a project off containment.”

National Leader in 3rd Party Quality Support ServicesNational Leader in 3rd Party Quality Support Services, that’s the difference that allows blu perspective to stand out in the Sea of Sameness that is Sorting and Containment providers!  blu management “Gets It”!  They understand what really drives you crazy when you have Quality problems in your plant. blu has designed their Services and Support to integrate seamlessly within your facility. blu helps you contain the problem quickly, and proactively work with you to get off containment, in a profit saving time frame.  Trust blu, it’s refreshing, it’s proven, and it’s predictable.

If you’re a Plant Manager and your “Quality Alarm!” goes off, call on blu perspective right away to avoid the ‘Black Hole of Sorting and Containment’.

blu perspective

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Zeeland, Michigan, USA
Phone: (888)616-1548

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