Stop Throwing your Budget into a Black Hole of Sorting and Containment!

Tier 1 Supplier Plant Manager, “I’m sick and tired of throwing my Budget out of whack, in a black hole of Sorting and Containment costs, every time we have a Quality concern!”  And who could argue with him?  Have you ever felt this way?

Tier 1 Supplier Quality Manager in west Michigan, blu perspective is the ONLY Quality Support company that has ever come to me proactively and asked to work together to get a part off Containment!”  Would you like to have Quality Support like that?  Of course, who wouldn’t?

Better Sorting and Containment Vendor

What’s the difference that allows blu perspective to stand out in the Sea of Sameness that are Sorting and Containment providers?  blu’s founder used to be that Plant Manager, he gets it!  He understands what really drives you crazy when you have Quality problems in your plant and has designed the Service and Customer Support of blu to work seamlessly within your facility. blu perspective helps contain the problem quickly, and proactively works with you, to get off containment in a reasonable time frame and for a reasonable cost. Trust blu, it’s refreshing, it’s proven, and it’s predictable.

If you’re a Quality Manager and your “Oh Crap, Alarm!” goes off, call on blu perspective right away and stay out of the ‘Black Hole of Sorting and Containment’.


blu perspective

7900 Logistic Drive, Ste D
Zeeland, Michigan, USA
Phone: (847)515-9224

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