Supplier Quality Emergency!

Let’s say you’re the Quality Manager at a mid-sized Tier 2 Supplier Manufacturer in the Midwest and it’s now 8:30 pm on a Friday evening and your mobile phone starts blowing up with calls from a Supplier Quality Engineer at a Tier 1 Automotive Assembly Plant three hours away where your company is shipping parts by the thousand.  You’ve got a problem!  A REALLY inconvenient problem!

This happened to Mark a few weeks ago, on a Friday night no less, and he was loading up the car expecting to spend an unhappy night traveling and trouble shooting and probably sorting parts at that Tier 1 Plant.  Fortunately for Mark, the SQE there happened to have the “Bat Phone” number to save the night and probably the whole weekend.  He was referred to blu perspective, specifically Michelle at blu, who is the key coordinator for all emergency quality events at that Tier 1 facility.  Standing in his driveway, ready to run, he was able to connect with blu perspective, who had trained quality people already on site and get the whole mess under control with almost no stress and for a very minor investment in a 3rd Party Support option.

Long story short, the whole problem was understood, under control, being sorted through and good parts were flowing into production without issue before 11:00 pm.  And Mark was able to go to sleep in his own bed without a worry.

blu perspective Quality Response Technicians

blu perspective Field Quality Response Experts are on-site at your customer and ready to serve.

That’s what blu perspective does every “Friday night” for hundreds of Parts Suppliers literally all over the world who ship into the Manufacturing heart of the U.S. Midwest.  It’s highest level Field Quality Response, Quality issue Communication, Sorting and Containment, Re-work and Sequencing, all done for you quickly and easily by Quality Experts trained at the largest Tier 1 Suppliers in the world!

If you’re a Quality Manager and your “Oh, Crap, Alarm!” goes off, call on blu perspective right away.

blu perspective
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