Managed, Flexible, Quality Support for Tier 1 Supply Chain

Having come from the Tier 1 Supplier world ourselves, blu perspective has a firm understanding of the challenges of managing a diverse supplier and a customer base within the Automotive Supply Chain as well.  And when something goes wrong from a ‘Quality’ perspective in that Supply Chain, as a Quality Manager, you don’t have a moment to spare.

blu perspective Quality Support for Automotive Glass

blu perspective has the specialized knowledge needed to effectively support Automotive Glass Manufacturing

blu has an extensive network of Field Quality Engineers, stretching from Michigan and Ontario, south to the Carolinas and Alabama.  Eight additional FQE’s came on-line for blu just this month!  Did you know blu offered quality support services in Ontario?  Michigan? Ohio?  Kentucky?  Alabama?  Texas?

In the embedded video below, you’ll also hear about blu’s capacity to add Inventory and Supply Chain Support resources on a contract basis, serving your interests alone, but on location, and without you having to add headcount or management headaches, and wherever you may be shipping to.  blu perspective’s extensive experience finding and managing a flexible, diverse, and geographically spread out workforce can make a tough spot much easier for a Quality Professional like you.  Sound good?  What the video to hear blu perspective Client Case Study #121 – Tier 1 Automotive Glass Manufacturer from West Michigan:

For immediate field support, contact blu perspective TODAY!

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7900 Logistic Drive, Ste D
Zeeland, Michigan, USA
Phone: (888)616-1548

Further Expanding blu manufacturing space in Zeeland

Recently, blu perspective moved for expanded blu manufacturing opportunities adjacent to Inontime at 7900 Logistic Drive in Zeeland, MI:

blu manufacturing space is proving so successful in Zeeland that the Service Operations side of the company is expanded capacity to specially manage Holland/Zeeland area manufacturers incoming supplier Quality challenges.  With blu Space, all of those issues can be handled outside of the manufacturer’s own space, which is a huge benefit to any LEAN optimized manufacturing floor.

blu Space expanded and further specialized to meet customer needs.

blu Space expanded and further specialized to meet customer needs.

When a quality event occurs in the supply chain at a west Michigan Manufacturer, their Supplier Quality Engineers can redirect inbound parts to blu’s facility for Inspection and Sorting and Rework and Sequencing back into production as needed.  Unlike bringing traditional sorting or staffing companies into a highly efficient manufacturing space.  blu Space is a much cleaner and less disruptive alternative.

With today’s Lean Manufacturing standards and tight delivery schedules, there is simply no room in most manufacturing facilities for a Supplier Quality event to be contained and cleaned.  One of the keys to blu’s success in this area is their amazing response capability and whatever it takes attitude to resolve a situation like this for the manufacturer and to help the supplier maintain a good working relationship with their customer.  Quality events will occur; it’s the management of those events which will determine the success of the supplier/client relationship and the speed of solution which will determine the Cost of Quality.

For a tour of the new blu space in Zeeland, please contact Brian Brandon, President of blu perspective at 616-401-3836.

blu perspective


New blu Space Already Expanding!

Due to better than expected demand from Tier 1 Vendors to the Zeeland, Michigan area Furniture Manufacturers, the newly opened blu Space on Logistic Drive in Zeeland has already grabbed another 3000 sq. ft. and added a dedicated Forklift Truck to help manage higher velocity.

Managed Workforce and Flexible Space

In blu Space, blu perspective is able to offer clients a flexible, managed, space and workforce right in Zeeland to Sort, Rework, Sequence and release into the Zeeland area Furniture manufacturers with great efficiency and an affordable expense to help suppliers manage an otherwise troublesome quality problem with some inbound parts.

End user Manufacturers have been very pleased with the speed, accuracy, and communication coming from blu space on these projects which is the best feedback both for blu perspective and the Suppliers shipping into Zeeland.

blu perspective has been able to hire additional workers for this space, which is an additional bonus for the Holland/Zeeland community already boasting the lowest unemployment in Michigan.

An additional, dedicated, Forklift has already been added for handling Furniture Supplier parts coming into Zeeland.

An additional, dedicated, Forklift has already been added for handling Furniture Supplier parts coming into Zeeland.

No doubt that blu perspective has hit a home run with blu Space in Zeeland!

If you would like to see the facility and meet the blu team, please contact Bob Rusticus.  Bob is a Supply Chain expert who would be pleased to show you how blu Space can help your company do business more easily on the Michigan West Coast.